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Cops CDL Academy is an approved FMCSA Training Provider and certificates issued upon graduation entitle you to take the state skills test.

Cops CDL Academy will accompany graduates and furnish the truck in which you’ve trained to take the test.  More time behind the wheel is the key to learning and with us you get plenty.

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Why Choose Us

  • FMCSA Approved Training Provider
  • Professional Curriculum by JJ Keller & Associates (No YouTube)
  • 75 years Combined Trucking Experience
  • Finaincial Assistance
  • Job Placement

We prepare you not only to take the test we prepare you for a career.  When you graduate you will have the skills to safely drive and manage your truck.  Our combination of over 75 years of trucking experience allows you to learn from that experience plus we use a professional curriculum that concentrates on your safety and those around you.  There are also several laws to follow and we have law enforcement experience to help insure you are aware and understand the laws of operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Training Courses

Training Courses are in person

  • Class A CDL
  • Class B CDL
  • Bus/Passenger Endorsement
  • Hazardous Material Endorsement
  • CDL Refresher


Financing your education has many different options from student loans, scholarships, workforce grants, company paid by your future employer and more.  When you come in for your interview you can start the process to see which option is best for you.  Our staff will assist you in whichever option you choose.

We know our prices are lower than the competition however this does not mean you are getting an inferior training we just feel we should keep our prices as low as possible for the students benefit.  We have superior equipment, better curriculum and of course the best instructors in the market.  You are the one who makes the final decision where you will receive your training and once you’re in the program you will see your are getting everything you need to have a successful career in trucking.


Call us today and we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options and what best suits you.  We also have a number of trucking companies that will hire you upon graduation and passing your state skills test.  All commercial drivers license require a trip to the DMV to get a packet which costs $50 and the packet will include the study material for the written tests you will have to take at the state police headquarters, then you will have to pass a DOT physical and then you can take your passing scores back to DMV and they will issue a learners permit for CDL.  If you haven’t already taken the tests that is ok we will help you prepare for those tests, but you must have the packet prior to starting the classes.

We are here to help you and get you more BTW than any school in the area.  We want you to pass your state test the first time with ease and we’ll be right there with you the entire way.

School Photos

We train hard, but also have fun! Here are some photos of a day of hands-on training.

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School Photo
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School Photo
School Photo
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Cops CDL Academy

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